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movie: 640x480 01:12:49 29.97fps DivX
audio: 48KHz 01:12:49 Stereo VORBIS

Studio: Tokyo-Hot
Starring: Anna Fujisawa
Desc: This is the second series of tall slim whore ANNA FUJISAWA. The stage of this time is the super high cabaret club. A woman who doesn't serve gulp like a general cabaret club but suggest high-level serves by super-high-level whore. ANNA came to the cabaret club that merely adopts high level woman to get the interview. The realities of super-high-level service gradually clarified. The TOKYO HAWT not ever let us prey that catch one time go though ANNA tries to run away bizarre serving service. ANNA is receiving the interview of a super-high-level cabaret club. ANNA is made to take off clothing according to the director's instruction in charge of the interview. In addition, it is violently fondled betwixt groins at the same time as scones is being fingered by a fellow in the shop. Next, ANNA who became open leg pose is held from back by a fellow. The vagina is voluntarily expanded by the finger and this babe is made to introduce herself disgracefully, saying that "I am ANNA". In addition, it is compulsion finger fuck is made on the pretext of the sensitivity check. Pussy of ANNA just now receives juicy and makes a disagreeable sound. Then, next is checking her face hole. Two rods attack and compulsion oral-stimulation is made. The schlong that stiffened deeply inserted into the face hole of ANNA by the standing oral pleasure pose. In addition, hand job service made to some other 10-pounder. And ANNA has a fit of coughing during the blowjob at the great painful. In proceeds, ANNA is poked down to the ottoman, and the director's fucking starts. Piston is made mercilessly to ANNA who oppose loudly as saying "I don't hear this". It acquires lustful by a lewd sound that the uniting part rubs against every other. Fucking proceeds from missionary to bending posture and face hole of ANNA is closed with some other schlong as well. In addition, the piston is violently made by standing back posture and a big amount of pleasure juice is gushed from the vagina. The pleasure juice is a fall sluggishly leaking and make to soaked below hair. She is violently pushed from beneath at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and it shifts to missionary posture. The oppose of ANNA who ejaculate "Don't putting out" is ineffectual, the vaginal cum discharged is made. A big amount of ball cream flows backward from the aperture mighty. Due to likewise furious piston is made, cum-hole is cramped after the 10-pounder is pulled out and other schlong is inserted there at one time. ANNA begs anew to avoid vaginal cum discharged but it is made heartlessly. It oozes sluggishly under after the goo that flow backward stays in the ostium of the cookie. And, it is decided to adopt ANNA and that babe will work just now from tonight. The 1st work is public latrine play solely of a super-high-level cabaret club. ANNA is put on original panty of TOKYO HAWT that made especially for pour goo and cum shower party of guests is begin to ANNA who is becoming lift hip up pose and spunk of total 5 is poured in the twat. ANNA removes the peculiar panty and next cum shower party is made ANNA who voluntarily expands twat by the finger. Semen of eight is splashed for the love tunnel. Then, cum-hole is expanding by finger at the standing posture and jism compulsion excretion is made. ANNA who trembles in shame is compelled to show the smile with saying" I am looking forward to expecting your next visit". In the continuing scene, ANNA who clothed up is appeared and oral-stimulation service to the customer starts. The customer made cum discharged to the tongue of ANNA who makes skillful service. However, customer may not receive gratification and make the complaint and torture is given to ANNA. It is a toy attack to the bawdy cleft of ANNA who becomes open leg pose and this babe is got acme by power. When it peeps into the inside of the bawdy cleft in Cuzco the pleasure juice that becomes cloudy adheres to the opening of uterus. Next, ANNA entertains 2 customers of the highest in the sofa. 3P play curry out at various postures as missionary, bending, backward woman on top, woman on top, back and bending posture. Large amounts of fun juice that become cloudy start to blot from the muff. ANNA is made to say gPlease put out ball batter in insideh and 1st vaginal cum discharged is made after rock hard piston. Then, other penis inserts just now and made second vaginal cum discharged at the missionary posture. ANNA who lastly got up whilst being made the cookie filthy with spunk gives a award to the customer by hollow eyes. The realities of the super-high-level cabaret club that merely some rich people were able to use were clarified in detail. Because the hostess who working in super high level cabaret acquires a basic thing that feel sperm thankful and express her gratitude for vaginal cum discharged acquired, it is very popular likewise with privileged It is necessary to renew the principle that the woman is a living thing that serves to a stud to all sweethearts except a hostess of super-high-level cabaret club and to persist.

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[Tokyo-Hot n0189] High Class Night Club - Anna Fujisawa

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