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Studio: Caribbean

Cast: Himari Seto, Ai Mizushima

Genres: Japanese, Uncensored, All Sex, Cunilingus, Anilingus, Blowjob, Anal, Facesitting

Video language: Japanese

The plot of the film revolves betwixt the four characters (2 men (probably brothers) and 2 cuties, an electronics geek, a loader working in a local bar, a little girl-pervert (obviously local PRBL who fuck with anything and everybody, and the girl-android. In the future, I will refer to em as: nerd, loader, pervert and Baba android. The film opens with a scene in which the pervert and a loader to play smth like our cards (can Mahjong), botanist picks in the background with his steel and chips. During the game, the loader always compliments pervert .... and after a during the time that oklikivaet botany, say - come to us. Nerd receives up from the table and walks over to the players. Porter: "Well, confirm my words .... truly worthy presence here lady?". "Oh, my Baba android was a hundred times more good .... and so I love most of all just give a head begin this lyarve-pervert-davalku.'s Just where she's gone? Came home one day - but it's not. Probably went to the forest to mushrooms, microchip korotnulo - that is currently somewhere in one of the forest edges and rust, and lubricated it should merely protein and not oil. Constructs I won radar to discover it. Already very nice it was for sex - and the odds to give " pervert. '" Hearing such unflattering words in his address - pervert pounced on botany, with nails norovyaschy claw his eyes out. "It's like it's some kind of woman ..... android is more good in my daybed, u are to whom loaf crumbles, u bastard bespectacled." Benefit loader pulled riled pervert, or we would rather porn - beheld snuff movie scene. Thanks for that longshoremen. Once the loader brought hysterical-pervert, went to his brother-nerds, "You do not worry. Here in the bar the next day will be the Japanese idol group" AKB48 ", will be drinking at a discount, I'm there for free pervert spend - it is there" nazhretsya ".... and by the next day, forget anything, and it will not scratch your eyes out." Botanist: "AKB48 will perform the next day at u in a bar? I'm a fan of em .... And u will spend for free - this pervert? Another brother called.". Porter: "Well, u are to blame. Why touched a cow's udder for? However, do not be afraid. AKB48 perform by us in the next month, and if u do not again" lohopedneshsya "I spend this time for free u. Going?" Botanist: "sweeps, I have just the camera phone is in when they will action. Then show it." The next day, went to a local botanist radio dump, about the forest - looking piece of steel for the radar. Back home, back to midnight dig up with their chips. Closer to 01:00 AM (night) to the abode burst into drunken pervert that with thickly asked: "Where is your brother? Sekasa I wish to". Poor nerd so scared for my eyes, I decided to pretend that this chab does not watch it - like pervert and not at all. But pervert not appeased, though not rushed like an epileptic, "Oh, u nit botanical ..... this is how a woman can be cooler android me alive, flawless, and gives everybody .... even going to give u, if u ask ". Botanist: "What do u know? Baba android - my 1st raunchy experience and 1st love. See that box? There chip with the program," engagement ring. Be my wife. "That's just previous to I have to activate it, lost my Baba android. Well no thing .... radar will be willing pretty soon and I will discover it." Having told that, the botanist returned to his own piece of steel. Then pervert decided to action insistently - crawled to botany and put her hand on his groin. The chap stood up at one time .... There's your 1st love, and her second .... one hundred and 7th. However, all studs are polygamous. Pervert made his: sex - to be. Oral sex, carpet munch pervert .... then sat down on the face of botany, and then even his arse otlizal (to defeat the rival). Well then classic sex with the end in your face hole pervert. However, after sex nerd calmly stepped back and began another time to solder your chip .... The next day the nerd unintentionally finds his woman-android on radio landfill (see for mushrooms in the forest is not reached, rusty). Botanist thought, "Fuck, I was making so much time this radar? It discovered it by accident. However figs with him .... the main thing that I found.". With that nerd took his much loved Baba android. After bringing it home botanist thought. What if it's not my Baba android? Then that guy remembered that his wet crack Baba android exuded an odor, and remembered - as it was in advance of. And now removed her pants and sniffed it .....! Found, was discovered! Then Baba android sharply awake and told, "You smell like the other female. Accessing tsarist-humanoid body banned indefinitely" and passed out again. A day later, a botanist from rust laundered Baba android. Surely smeared it than need))) until this babe passed out and waited, when this babe lastly wakes up. But then knocked on the door of the abode pervert. "Hey nerd, may perepihnemsya again?" Botanist: "Come out - unmerciful. I prepare to become an exemplary family chap. Once - is not considered." Pervert pretended - that is gone. Botany needed somewhere to absent himself and that guy was away)) A pervert podkradlas quietly to the abode throughout a window and saw his opponent lying on the floor. I wonder a little pervert of locators do not fall out of the ocular cavities. "But - so charming .... scum, I even wanted to give her. Sorry I'm not a lesbo. Heck she's prettier than me". At the starting of envy pervert pinch in the a-hole. A pont of time later, it turned into the worst schemlenie itchy butt. What to do? Booty envy itches. Pervert decided to go to vent their anger and complexes porter, at the same time that the pope was itching. Pushed to work for him, grabbed his hand and led him to a deserted place. Then took off his panties and pointed to his anal opening languishing on zudi and envy commanded: "Lick". Porter: "I'm not in those cases, do not I love anal sex, and even take up with the tongue there .... What if u just went" by and big "?". Pervert: "Relax - fastidious," chair "I was up early and I'm there all cleared enema. Took about 10 hours. Can safely take up with the tongue, not poison. Otherwise, the greater amount I will not let you." Porter was compulsory to commit an action of analingus. Pervert then gave head movers, and this guy richly finished on her hands. Pervert smeared all on your arsehole and wet crack (probably thinking that this will aid the itching.) Did not aid. Pervert, "Then come into her boyfriend throughout my" back door ", and then" costume "is closed this day for u. Faster .... And let's itching persists." Porter came in throughout the "back door" just in it .... and ended on the butt cheeks pervert. After that, pervert thought no thing I smeared on genital itching .... coz originally passed solely after anal sex. Changeling - nowhere. Let my genitals podmoet their proteins to the author. With that pervert sat on the face of the poor porter and let's go for it (so pervert shaking with enjoyment, right convulsions were) .... chap gasped and choked on their own protein products. Baba android came to, botanist proposed to her and pretty soon a wedding, private life just getting more good (and so that babe makes oral-job not quite as previous to, even on the perimeter wire was installed with the alarm from outsiders (for fear of reprisals pervert). But one of the almost any gorgeous days of Baba android cook a romantic dinner - and botanist was as ordinary on the radio dump. Someone cut the wires to the alarm and entered freely into the abode ..... It was a pervert with some Bug. Pervert, "rape her and then u will acquire me." Bull did not have to implore for a lengthy time .... though majority of us Marlezonskogo Ballet authors did not show that. The film ends on the stage: a bull is coming to Android and Baba roughly leads her out of sight of the camera. In the picture is a pervert with a gratified face and pleasant smile .... That's such a sad ending. Perhaps the authors of the movie hints at a sequel.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:16:18

Video: 704x396, Windows Media Video 9, 1875kbps

Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Himari Seto, Ai Mizushima - Time Traveller

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