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AIKA, Makiko Tamaru, Mako Nagase, Kurea Asuka

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Release Year: 2012

Studio: Tokyo-Hot

Cast: AIKA, Makiko Tamaru, Mako Nagase, Kurea Asuka

Genres: All sex

It likewise comes this year! The year is not over if it does not see this! It is a constant seller of the team fuck. It is the TOKYO SEXY specific that the cum-hole juice of the marvelous woman is scattered! The glamorous woman of this is AIKA, MAKIKO TANAKA, KUREA ASUKA and MAKO NAGASE. All members are a beautiful body of the model class! It is an handsome glamorous leg and a sensitive wet crack. Patience juice does not stop solely at looking. And marvelous cuties love to make service equally competent. It is begun from mouthful cum discharged and they faint in torment intensely to emulate every other. It develops even into a lesbo play and there are some woman who likewise suggests even anal! It is the starting of sumptuous feast peculiar that four superb vagina are messed up! The TOKYO HAWT Airline starts specific service in order to be opposed to the rival company. In addition to 4 CA, there is glasses woman specialized in the maintenance clothed in working clothing. And it is likewise the captain. It is movement that takes the future of the company by all staff jointly. The avid fellow who played the part of a reindeer appears beneath the pretense of the training for services just after that and riots. Even if a customer is madness, support of a comfortable voyage is a duty of CA. In order to make it quiet by showing cum-hole, 4 CA become stark nakedness. Cuzco is thrust in an open leg pose and a cervix is in natures garb in order. The nebula vagina juice sticks to the cervix of ASUKA, TAMATU and AIKA. The cervix of NAGASE is muddy with slit juice, also. It is an adaptable correspondence. They are truly first-class CA as expected. The reindeer is settled down for the time being, but all the CA are passion states and it is in natures garb that they are super lewd. Then, it is CM photography to let everybody know the peculiar service widely. A schlong is made to be sucked one by one after four persons' standing in a line and making pose. Immediately after, they are made a mouthful cum discharged. The goo direct hit scene in a super slow image is a have to watch. Then, four persons are made mouthful cum discharged one after some other at a standing oral pleasure. It was 2 shots for AIKA, ASUKA and TAMARU and 1 discharged for NAGASE. It became the more good face. On the other hand, a glasses woman sucks the pecker just after spunk flow, and made cleaning oral job. She supported specific service as meat urinal woman. As expected, that babe is specialist. It is ideal shlong maintenance. Then, four persons are made to service for officers. The panty is taken off just now and they are made an open leg pose. The spectacle in which four snatches are located in a line is magnificent and impure! Immediately after, it is stimulated with an electricity massage machine and TAMARU twitches and is made acme! NAGASE and AIKA too feel as like compete and got acme. Immediately after AIKA is wetting the sofa! And TAMARU and NAGASE are taken to one more room and required a lesbo play. They hesitate, but made unfathomable kiss. They touched about the mutual body and feel gradually, and it becomes a serious mode. At the same time, they are made finger fuck by guys and faint in anguish. And it is stirred with a vibs toy and they feel much. Then, finger is put in anal of NAGASES and that babe feels it much. Immediately after, they grab at a shlong and engulf it. Immediately after, ramrod inserted into anal of NAGASE at back posture. Then, pecker is inserted in a cunt at woman on top posture and likewise ramrod inserted into anal at the same time and it is simultaneous 2 holes fuck. In the neighbour of NAGASE, TAMARU is made piston at missionary posture and that babe faints in torment much. It is just a sumptuous feast. And the vaginal cum discharged is made twice continuously at missionary posture. NAGASE is made poured ball batter at missionary posture after cum discharged is made into anal at bending posture. Labia meat is enlarged and becomes loose! Just after the spunk flow, it is cleaning blowjob by the meat urinal woman. It can have a worthwhile feeling toward a way of service of the smile. On the other hand, ASUKA and AIKA serve other studs. They are made to make complete nudity just now and are stimulated with a rotor toy. Then, finger fuck is made and ASUKA & AIKA made female spunk flow! Pussy receive moist much. And then, they are inserted pecker at back posture. They faints in anguish much by the meaty piston at woman on top posture after backward woman on top posture of full exposure of connecting part. The haunches which shake by every piston is so valuable. They engulf other dick at the same time and it is group sex with which six chaps and honeys become entangled. Immediately after, AIKA is shoved powerfully and got acme! The snatch is already a soppy state in advance of particular service to a passenger. The fertilization certain & uterus disintegrate is inevitable in spunk in big quantities. The gal CA fell to the meat toy! Finally, it rushes in to the part 2 that is made to change into an unattractive bitch!

Format: lavfpref

Duration: 1:45:39

Video: 720x404, AVC (H.264), 1366kbps

Audio: 124kbps

AIKA, Makiko Tamaru, Mako Nagase, Kurea Asuka

File size: 1.1 GB

AIKA, Makiko Tamaru, Mako Nagase, Kurea Asuka

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