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Release Year: 2013

Studio: Caribbean

Genres: Japanese, Uncensored, All Sex, Drunk, Blowjob, Cunnilingus

Japanese town Tokyo shrouded night. Among the many residential skyscrapers, it was uncommon to watch in a window - the light. Most of the light was from a multiformity of entertainment. There was not even just a night, and - of the night fades into the morning. However, in one of the apartments (most of those skyscrapers) and there will be a very interesting clip. In apartment number 302 in a quiet residential area, lives a youthful guy, a specialist nuclear scientists working on the nuclear force plant. After a busy day at work and after a home clip football for a pair of beers, the juvenile stud went into the bedroom and just now fell asleep from exhaustion. It took about 4 hours .... the door - called. The juvenile fellow and the eye does not lead. Then the doorbell rang anew .... a youthful dude - awake, but half asleep and fell down on his laziness .... even thought I thought. Then the door started calling very strongly, and if the juvenile dude did not acquire up, it's possible that the door began to burst in and beat on her feet, and probably would have broken out of her at all. The juvenile stud got up and down the road, cut a three-story mat in Japanese (because this chab was getting up early the next day to replace) opened the misfortune that same door. Straight at him, fell down at the door and a pair of the youthful gal fell to the floor. Lady with thickly muttered, "My dear .... I stayed at corporate .... but I am in great shape and marvelous and I crave to sing ...." oh-freezing cold - not frost me ......! ! "and passed out. chap just now came to. shopped ..... ba-ah-ah-ah! So it's a lulu of 305 apartments! boy tried to shake lady, fearing that - that her spouse God forbid everybody learns and then poor stud - do not live ..... coz my spouse is Hikaru goes to the gym and working trucker ..... And then this chab remembered the boy, "Stop! So he's on a business tour, the load took some other .... Phew, vanished. Now u need to wake a neighbour and make it to the correct home to her apartment. "But no matter how much this chab tried to wake her, but no thing helped. But still a little lady came to his senses and with the exclamation:" My beloved! I wish warmth and affection! "Pounced on the boy. Well, of course the chap lost his mind from such pressure, this chab decided," To hell with this head, if I discourage her spouse Hikaru, so when a member has begun to rise, which is now bursting panties .... . "In general, there has been - what should have happened. Treason - for her spouse Hikaru, and sex for a male neighbour and nuclear scientist wife. This is how it all night with Hikaru prokuvyrkalis. And solely in the morning previous to (otrezvevshey) Hikaru came this babe betrayed her spouse drunk. "Criminals" acquiesced - let it just betwixt us (who does not happen). Hikaru went to his apartment to sleep off 305 and await for the "beef" of her spouse, and the youthful people sleepy, but very cheerful, went to their job - at a nuclear plant.

We do not know whether the spouse killed his wife and a youthful nuclear scientist Hikaru for treason. But it is remarkable that - that is literally on the same day, the terrible news widen around the world: a nuclear vigour plant (where this guy worked our "night" hero) accident ...... but that's one more story ..... "Cherche la femme" as they say - look for the woman, or to blame - chicks.

P.S. Immediately apologize to the Japanese for a description. Fictional heroes, match - random.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 1:00:43

Video: 704x396, Windows Media Video 9, 1875kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Hikaru Asagiri - Next Doors Wife Went Into My Room By Mistake Intoxicatedly

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Hikaru Asagiri - Next Doors Wife Went Into My Room By Mistake Intoxicatedly

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