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12 12th, 2014

In the morning at this Japanese angel unset day. She slept on the job in the office and therefore do not eat breakfast. Had a fight with neighbors over the fact that their juvenile son another time put the bike directly to the passage of the corridor and so that babe got caught and slapped on the floor, with the breaking of the projection bicycle - dorgoie tights, and therefore had to return to his apartment and change em. On the street it nearly bitten by a crazy dog, the cashier in the metro cheated cutie turn. Waiting for the educate, the beauty one bad fellow inadvertently stepped on the foot and stepped on, paskuda such, it is the same finger that that babe knocked on the jamb shelves 2 days agone and that awful bolel.Vobschem it was clear that this babe was uneventful job u reach. These were the signs - that this babe returned home, lay back in the cushy sofa and spat at work, coz that babe still did not come to acquire it on time. However, our - not superstitious and boldly stepped into the subway car. The 1st minutes of the voyage went smoothly, but some strange sort began rubbing against her, And that guy did it - with a str8 look, as if no thing happens. And then the angel sat down one greater amount concerned and began to paw her hands in full view of all the passengers. The reaction of the passengers was greater quantity than strange, they did not react to what is happening and unnoticed this lawlessness. Moreover, when the rascals started to discharge with beauties brassiere and pants, passengers politely removed from the car, coming on the very next station, as if they are in cahoots with the perpetrators. In short - the entire world turned against the poor gal, and this babe was left alone with his tormentors, who her and literally drenched cutie from head to toe - the male seed. Moral of the story teaches us - if a bad day from the starting, do not think that it will not work and proceed underneath the same banner of "evil fate." Listen to your intuition and do not test their fate))

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Tsuna (Tuna) Kimura

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