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07 23rd, 2015

Cast: Ayaka Haruyama

Genres: Uncnensored, All Sex, Uniform, Glasses, oral job, Cunnilingus, Dildo, Cream Pie

Video language: English

All the gals have their own secret and secret craves. At one - stupid, others - greater quantity ribald. However, the wish to eat at all. And the wish of each gal - always for her distant and bright fantasy, even if this fantasy is thoroughly penetrated with banality bordering on the banal debauchery. The main heroine of the film - a beautiful high school (high school student in Japan beneath the same mean students university, college). She lately received a prestigious one institution of higher education in Japan and all the powers and thoughts of the main character were sent to her was "nibbling granite science" ..... well, nearly all the powers and thoughts ....) And even though this babe learned very priceless and even for love of reading spoil your eyes a little bit, so this chab wore glasses - this babe was his long-standing and secret want, which until now has been neosuschestvleno and that it hurt a little to be indeed gratified and cheerful. The gal did not have - large and bright love. That is why that babe bought in one shop "big and bright" sex toy to somehow realize his fantasy of "a big and bright." Every day after school, returning home, that babe was locked in her room to go to meet the world of dream, fun and true feelings. But one day (as often happens), the door to my room forgot to close the main character. And the majority "responsible" pont of time (as is too the case) into the room out of knocking, entered the sort of male (in the film did not specify who that guy was and what that guy accounted for the main character). But all the boys, like all the beauties, also, have their own secret and secret wishes. But the want of the protagonist and the lad had smth interchangeable. Boy dreaming about unfathomable feelings and a gentle disposition darling. In turn, it was all about what that babe wanted - "big and bright", and the gal was what wanted stud - "a unfathomable and soft." In the end, all were pleasured. The lad married the angel, they lived happily ever after and died in one day of age. True to the very final days, the main character did not understand who was - this boy is and where this chab is? And the main character could not remember - that this guy was doing in the abode and that guy was in the room at the angel masturbating?

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Duration: 1:01:35

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Ayaka Haruyama

Ayaka Haruyama

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Ayaka Haruyama