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Cast: Reika Ichinose and Mio Ozora

Genres: Uncensored, All Sex, Group Sex, Cosplay, oral stimulation, Gang Bang, Cream Pie

Video language: English

Who would not say, but Japan - surprising and mysterious country. Originality, creativity, singularity - it's not all synonyms that can be applied in respect of it. For sample, how do u think what is in the traditional sense of the country, the almost any comprehensive indicator informs about the success and viability of a Japanese (Japanese)? Expensive car? The number of square meters in an apartment building? Gold Rolex on his wrist? Not at all! It's hard to make no doubt of - but the almost any comprehensive source of information about the success and welfare of the people of Japan can tell his appearance and garments. In this country, it is not accepted to show off and flaunt their wealth, coz it may offend other countrymen and create em discomfort. And the main virtue of any law-abiding Japanese - "do no damage to another". It is stylish to have, as they say, "pontovatsya" and tell - what you're kewl, cooler than u, and that - there are solely eggs and do not care about others. And in Japan - this behavior is bad form. Therefore, the Japanese served unobtrusive signals to other countrymen of his status throughout clothes. The one who should be - notice. Those who do not - will pass and not to offend. Moreover, even in normal sportswear can recognize the rich, and in the classic, darksome and a dress - the poor. Since many people know of the love of the Japanese to the branded things. The people of this country nearly unerringly can distinguish "consumer goods" from the present and the quality of raiment. Even the Europeans will be simple to distinguish from the Japanese for sample, Chinese. If for sample the Chinese can costume in clothing "parrot" colors, disharmonious colors and styles, or even worse - in his pajamas and calmly go throughout the town, the real Japanese themselves would not ever allow this.
Moreover, Japan (where they know a lot about garments is home to the so-called "Cosplay". Cosplay - "costume play, dressing up in costumes of illustrious characters and manufacturing of costumes. Popular hobby akin to masquerade.
The main heroine of the film - as a fan of cosplay and so wearing proper garments and unusual, but very classy. Apparently, the hotty advertise some products for the group of guys, but paid the price for his carelessness and naivety. However, as mentioned earlier: the main thing for the Japanese "do no injury to another", and if cosplay - a kind of cosplay, and the sex happened in the movie scene, also, can be called a game ..... sex-role)

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Reika Ichinose and Mio Ozora