Uncensored Japanese Adult Videos Collection



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Release Year: 2015

Studio: Hunter

Cast: Honma Yuri (Aiuchi Tsukasa, 本真ゆり) Ashina Yuria (芦名ユリア) Ayase Minami (綾瀬みなみ) Hitomi Madoka (仁美まどか) Tsuno Miho (Miho Tsuuno, 通野未帆) Kayama Mio (香山美桜) Ogino Mai (荻野舞)

Genres: Asian, OL, Planning, Pantyhose

Playing the King''s Game While Doing Overtime In An Office Where I''m the Only Man, Surrounded By Older Superiors! The Job I Worked So Hard to Get! I Got It, But... to Be the Only Man In the Company! I Just Have No Position, No Authority... But One Day During Overtime the Women Started a King''s Game and Made Me Play, and I''m Wondering "Are the King''s Game Commands Really Absolute?" The Game Got Progressively More Erotic and No One''s Gonna Resist!? On the Contrary, These Ladies'' Protracted Sexual Frustration Exploded and Now They''re Going After My Cock!?

Total size: 3.7 GB in 2 files.