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07 11th, 2012

Half Zenra School

Country: Japan
Genre: All hook-up
Length: 1ch39m
Translation: Unavailable
Studio: Sod
Description: Life at the college ....
Summary: This film is unique, the film demonstrates the everyday life at college with all chicks, with only half of their garb. They are either sans bra or bottomless for the whole vid, and how do they do any of the activities: workout, examining, suspending in the tunnels, even the graduation ceremony. But otter in this vid, no bang-out at all, even the sequences of onanism or all girl knead with the gals. This is just a hidden cam video. Even sans hump, it was interesting to witness and desire about how real life situations will be entirely different if our chicks were nude.
Summary: This vid is unique; the whole film demonstrates the day to day life at a college with all the females having only half their clothes. They are either sans bra or bottomless for the entire video, and as they do any of the activities: exercising, examining, stringing up out in the tunnels, even for the graduation ceremony. Be warned, this flick has no hump at all, not even getting off episodes or lezzy pawing with the dolls. It is only a spycam film. Even sans romp, it was interesting to observe and desire about how real life situations would be totally different if our girls were nude.
Scene 1: A fresh schoolgirl is presented into a After she takes her seat, she learns that this is the academy where damsels are half nude. In this very first exploring vignette, the students and lecturer have no underpants or bottom skirts on. As time elapses, all of a sudden it reverses so they are bare-breasted but have their skirts back on. Next the dolls have the tops on and are bottomless again, chatting in the locker apartment and ambling around, mingling with the dudes.
Scene 2: In the administration office this time, and again the professors and college girls are all bottomless. Three gals get lectured for having a game in See Preview image 1. Lots of ass shots here as secretaries, educators and the schoolgirls do their work in the office. Then back to the and the kids are cleaning up the floor. It gets pretty jokey to observe as the fresh schoolgirl is still entirely dressed but all the other females are sans any skirts or underpants!
Scene 3: Classroom again, this time on Parent Day with some parents and a few half bare helpers in the back of the apartment too. Really jokey! If this braless professor trained at my senior college, I would never miss a day of Next it is lunchtime and the half nude cooks bring in the food to the Then it is recess and the ladys have fun outside, still with no underpants or skirts or trousers on. I am now used to the that this college features chicks with only half of their clothes on.
Scene 4: Next, all the womans walk in a line out of the and outside for exercises. They line up on the toying realm and converse, and here we get handled to fine views of nearly all the donks and gams. Then the educators come and lead the workout sessions for about thirty minutes of vid time, and we get to watch lots of juggling knockers and wiggling donks. See the Preview pics 2 and 3. This gig made me wish again about my older high college. My dearest parts of this sequence were observing the leaping masturbates, bottomless, and then the side opens up, without bra. Many of the womans are uber-cute and this is the main sequence to pamper your hidden cam fascination.
Scene 5: This sequence is the graduation ceremony. The chicks, still bottomless, come up to the podium and receive their diplomas. It is so jokey to witness a apartment utter of serious looking Asian college girls, of course Japanese, all standing in a with diplomas, and being nude from the mid-body down. See Preview images 4, 5 and 6. After the ceremony, the kids are outside and fooling around in the apartments with their Keep in mind that the studs (and all masculines have been entirely dressed thru the vid, and still are. So completes the college session at the Half Naked Academy.
Scene 6: There are a pile of supreme film previews at the end.

Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 640x480 29.97fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

Half Zenra School

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